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Financial Advisory

We engage actively on the floor of the exchange to purchase and sell equities on-behalf of our clients...

Stock Broking

We apply our years of experience and skill in doing this to manage risks and foster good returns.

Portfolio Management

We manage investments of our clients in form of nominee, whereby we buy shares on behalf of the...


EUROCOMM SECURITIES LIMITED is a professional stockbroking firm licensed in 2000 by the Nigerian Stock Exchange and Registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission to operate in the Nigerian Capital Market. Eurocomm has a paid-up capital of over N1bn which at present is way above regulatory requirement.

The shareholding structure of the firm is spread among a group of corporate and individual investors who possess competitive strength and are totally committed to the long term corporate vision of the firm.

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Price as at 19 Jun 2024
FG162029S1 143.99 +103.99
PRESCO 359.00 +14.00
OKOMUOIL 265.00 +9.30
GUINNESS 66.25 +6.00
FGSUK2025S2 99.90 +5.89
GREENWETF 800.00 -80.00
FGS202656 60.00 -40.00
MERVALUE 97.89 -10.87
STANBICETF30 689.98 -10.02
FGSUK2032S5 91.00 -8.99

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